Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership

Outer Eastern Training Institute provides the opportunity for students to undertake training at a certificate III or IV level to become a guide in the outdoor industry.

Please find below some downloadable PDF versions of Fees and rates fact sheet, FAQ's, and Student Handbook.

This Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership comprises of a minimum 27 units selected from the national training package to complete the qualification. Based on our consultation with industry, we have selected units that meet the current industry needs. Below is an example:

QUALIFICATION TITLE   Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership
DESCRIPTION   Work would be undertaken in field locations such as camps, recreation centres and wilderness environments.
Core (12)    
HLTWHS003 Maintain work health and safety 40
PUAOPE013 Operate communications systems and equipment 15
SISOFLD002 Minimise environmental impact 15
SISOPLN001 Finalise operation of outdoor recreation activities 40
SISOPLN002 Plan outdoor activity sessions 50
SISOPLN004 Identify hazards, assess and control risks for outdoor recreation activities 50
SISOPLN005 Interpret weather and environmental conditions for outdoor recreation activities 45
SISORSC001 Conduct search and rescue 35
SISXCAI006 Facilitate groups 25
SISXCCS003 Address client needs 10
SISXEMR002 Coordinate emergency responses 20
SISXFAC001 Maintain equipment for activities 5
Elective (18)    
SISOBWG003 Bushwalk in extremely difficult tracked and untracked environments 70
SISOBWG004 Cross rivers during bushwalks 20
SISOBWG007 Lead bushwalks in extremely difficult tracked and untracked environments 80
SISOFLD007 Navigate in difficult tracked environments 40
SISOFLD008 Navigate in extremely difficult tracked and untracked environments 50
SISOABS003 Abseil single pitches, natural surfaces 40
SISOABS006 Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces 45
SISOABS009 Lead single pitch abseiling activities on natural surfaces 50
SISOCLM002 Top rope climb single pitches, natural surfaces 40
SISOCLM006 Establish belays for single pitch climbing on natural surfaces 45
SISOCLM009 Lead single pitch climbing activities on natural surfaces, top rope climbing 45
SISORSC002 Perform vertical rescues 40
Challenge Ropes

SISOABL002 Facilitate adventure-based learning activities 50
General Electives    
SISOCNE002 Paddle a canoe on inland flatwater 20
SISOCNE005 Lead canoeing activities on inland flatwater 50
SITTTOP002 Provide outdoor catering 80
SISOFLD006 Navigate in tracked environments 30
SISOFLD003 Select, set up and operate a temporary or overnight site 25
SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety 15